Two Pamphlets

Swn y Morloi by Hannah Stone and …an ache in each welcoming kiss by Maria Isakova Bennett will be the first two pamphlets to take their fledgling steps from the Maytree. Here’s a taster from Hannah’s paean to the wilds of Pembrokeshire.
Pwll Deri II. Gwestai
The hill above my rented home
is just called ‘big’ on the map,
and, cheek by jowl, in gothic script,
an enigmatic ‘fort’ is marked.

Seagulls are king of this castle,
a comfortless bastion unroofed by clouds,
a perch for Allied troops watching for the Bosch;
welcome windbreak for walkers.

Below me, smoke rises from the chimney
of Sŵn y Morloi cottage –
the stove is temperamental,
but the farm cats welcoming,

and Ginger himself waits on the doorstep
to invite me to take the best seat in the house;
it’s time to sip a glass of wine,
and watch the sun quench itself in the Irish Sea.

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