Katerina Neocleous

We are absolutely delighted to welcome our fourth poet to Maytree Press. Katerina joins the growing band of Maytree Folk and will be releasing her pamphlet (Maytree 004) later in the summer.


As well as being assistant editor at Obsessed With Pipework, Katerina’s own work has featured in a number journals and webzines including our very own, The Poetry Village.

We look forward to sharing more news about Katerina’s forthcoming pamphlet in the coming weeks but for now, here’s a little taster:


Where did you go
when you’d engraved
these words into the spring’s
herb covered rock;
drink and forget yourself.

Did you slake your thirst;
your journey ebbing
in content oblivion:
did you start again
or waste your days

trying to assuage
survivor’s guilt;
selling yourself to
shoot up in a squat,
in Bodrum or Kos

another Icarus
who lost his way
over the sea, bereft
of everything except
the will to be free.

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