How it will happen

We are delighted to confirm the release of the winning entry of the 2022 Three Trees Portfolio Award.

How it will happen by Lisa Blackwell was chosen from ten shortlisted entries for its compelling and memorable set of mainly prose poems that explore various formative experiences across several years.

Discussing the poems, guest editor, Roy Marshall, described how the form amplified the intensity of the narrative voice. A collection of emotionally engaging work, giving a sense of deeply felt experience, at various times shocking, brutal, darkly- funny and tender.

A book for our times – don’t miss out.

How it will happen by Lisa Blackwell – Maytree Press

Turquoise swimsuit

You are almost thirteen years old. You are in the 
back garden in your new turquoise swimsuit,         
the material of which stretches and ripples in a new 

The sun flashes on the ripples of your father’s pond. 
Self-built. The koi carps’ startled lips gape at the  
surface. Their ghostly orange and white forms 
blurred beneath. 

Your father says:
Oh that’s unusual.

He pinches the material of your swimsuit and rolls it 
between his thumb and index finger. 

All of a sudden, he has the electric-shock realisation 
that you, with your new woman body, are in the 
swimsuit. He becomes self-conscious and slightly 
embarrassed and retreats into the house. Mumbling 

You laugh at him. You feel the power of your body 
but also its betrayal. This is not the body to shinny 
up a tree. Or to give your brother a dead arm. 

You begin to wonder if this body is more trouble
than it’s worth.

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