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local universes

We are thrilled to announce that local universes by Nick Allen is now available online and from our store.

In local universes, Nick describes the poems as the things seen or experienced within walking distance of his house. ‘I guess you could say it began with the first lockdown and the recommendation for an hour’s walk each day in your neighbourhood, combined with Blake’s idea of seeing the world in a grain of sand’.

local universes will be available direct from the author during the following events:

Saltaire Arts Trail, 27 and 29 May 2023 – taking place throughout the village of Saltaire. You can find Nick and a selection of all his books at location number 5 on the village map Open Village 2023 – Saltaire Inspired

Headline launch event 31 May 2023 – Rhubarb at The Triangle, 47 Bradford Road

Headline event – The Purple Room, Ben Rhydding, nr Ilkley on Saturday June 17 from 19.30hrs.


in the hoarfrost that knits the trees into a forest

a deer builds itself in my gaze a deer building itself

in light arriving with the drysnap of morning

building the light of itself from the sable undergrowth

the wilderness of the creature builds itself across

the soft morning of my gaze our joined breath

the other river above that which flows itself light

over undergrowth sable and deerform my eyes

blink and in that moments unseeing of myself I am gone


the sun is already down
the sky is not yet dark

when I lob the fallen
branch end over end

cabering into water
the slow river below

a stand of stark trees
and a flicked blanket

of crows lift out of their
almost imperceptible

roosts concentrically
whirling in the gloom

above the pushed air
of the liquid sound

above the slapped
water of the plosion

the grey murder rises
into featureless silence

circling an evening
in search of its echo

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