Thank you for your interest in Maytree Press. 


We are sorry but submissions are now closed. Our submissions window will open again during summer 2020. Please check out our social media for updates and news. In the mean time, please consider the below points if you are considering submitted your work. We look forward to hearing from you later in the year.

1 – We would suggest that you familiarise yourself with our flagship online site The Poetry Village. You might also want to consider buying one of our books. Whilst this isn’t a condition of the submissions process it will make us very happy (and help keep us in business).

2 – Consider who will buy your pamphlet. Do you have your own website? Have you got a good social media presence? Are you a confident reader of your work and will you be able to arrange local launch events?

3 – Do you have sufficient funding to be able to purchase your allocated author copies of your collection.

4 – Is your work ready – have you got a publishing history with both on-line and print journals?

If you are confident that your work is ready for publication then we would love to hear from you during our next open submissions window.