Some of the nice things people say…

We’re delighted that some folk have taken the time to review our books – on this page you’ll quotes and links to some of those reviews. If you would like a review copy of any of our books then please get in touch through the contact page.

News and review about Vinny Glynn-Steed’s Catching Air – – Two new Galway stars in the poetry sky

Review of Impermanence on the Absentee – Review: “IMPERMANENCE” by Colin Bancroft – Stuart McPherson (

Jonathan Humble reviews Impermanence by Colin Bancroft for the Yorkshire Times – Review: Impermanence By Colin Bancroft (

January by Sarah Barr receives fabulous reviews on Amazon – January: Barr, Sarah: 9781913508104: Books

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Pauline Rowe’s Ghost Hospital is a remarkable book! – Deryn Rees-Jones

Keepsake is a debut collection of poetry by Kayleigh Campbell, and what a treat it is. Although the poems’ subjects are on the edge (of life, land, and sanity), the effective is far from liminal. There is a freshness, clarity and purpose to Campbell’s writing that makes shards of glass glitter in spring’s sun.

– Michael Stewart (author of the best selling novel Ill Will)

‘A glance at the contents list – a Neocleous poem in itself – puts you immediately in Katerina’s ambiguous world: is this everyday reality? Yes – but a real world on which this poet’s magic touch confers so many extra dimensions: bluebell woods, cherry blossom and crows are here immediately as themselves, yet sit alongside and bleed into alchemy, necromancy and a grimoire. Once read, these poems of desire and regret, like Katerina’s Burr itself, will be snagged fast for weeks in your mind. What glorious words! What tear-washed colour! What compelling music!’

– Charles Johnson (Editor at Obsessed with Pipework)

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