Right of Way – Michael Brown

It’s been a while but we’re delighted to be back with news of our next publication and details of a very special limited edition of Maytree 001.

Right of Way by Michael Brown will be released on the 29 September 2023 and we can’t wait to share this wonderful collection with you.

The cover features the fabulous work of York based artist Myles Linley who Maytree readers may remember from his wonderful collaboration with Nick Allen for the collection, Between Two rivers.

In Right of Way the poems connect with the ideas of movement/change/journey and childhood to adulthood transits. Migration, the war in Ukraine, covid and anxiety in young people are featured themes in this compelling collection.

In other news, we can now reveal that our very first publication, Swn y Morloi by Hannah Stone will be reissued as a limited edition of 60 copies. Hannah will be taking the book back to Pembrokeshire on tour this autumn and a very limited number will be available to purchase through our online store from the 8 September 2023. Don’t miss out.


Maytree 35 – cover reveal

We are very excited to reveal the cover for our thirty fifth publication: Jane Kite’s stunning new collection, The Blanket.

Jane may be familiar to many of our readers as not only is she a wonderful poet but was also part of the successful team behind Half-Moon Books, the publishing house responsible for launching the careers of many fine poets including a few who have since joined the Maytree family.

In The Blanket we find a sequence of poems in which the author tells the story of making a crocheted blanket and the thoughts and memories that the work evoked during it’s completion. Memories are weaved between the crocheted squares like faded photographs of dwellings, relatives, friends and neighbours found in a secret keepsake.

Jane explains that the sequence was written for her daughter in the lead up to her fiftieth birthday. Part memoir, part instruction, part gift, The Blanket is a collection that is instantly accessibly and incredibly enjoyable.

The Blanket was previously performed as a live event as part of the Chapel FM Writing on Air Festival.

The cover features the painting, Moorland Mist by our friend, Kevin Threlfall. We were delighted to be able to work with Kevin again on this collection. Many of the poems deal with time and place and together with Kevin’s expressive brushwork creating a woollen textured landscape, we thought the mystery of the painting worked beautifully for the collection.

The Blanket will be officially released on the 22 April 2022 and Jane will be appearing at a number of launch events during May – more news on this later.

You can find out more about Jane here

A link to Kevin’s online store here

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Maytree 34 – cover reveal

We are thrilled to welcome back Huddersfield based author, Tim Taylor with his second collection of poems, LifeTimes.

LifeTimes will be officially released on the 26 March 2022 and you’ll be able to catch Tim at a number of events throughout April – more details later.

We’ve had great fun working with Tim on the cover and we look forward to revealing more about the book in the coming weeks.

In the mean time you can still purchase Tim’s first collection, Sea Without a Shore featuring stunning cover art by Paula Dunn from our online store for only £6.00.


A Winter Maytree

Winter at Maytree and news of our 2022 new authors.

If you were one of the many folks who joined us to celebrate the launch of our 2021 Portfolio Award Winning pamphlet, Last of the Line by Susan Jordan then you will have also witnessed one of the Zoom moments of the year. Of course, I’m referring to Susan’s wonderful readings and, in particularly when she was joined by Ian Royce Chamberlain for a joint rendition of the poem, Father and Daughter. The audience was simply mesmerised by what can only be described as the standout moment during an evening filled with love, laughter and celebration.

We’ll be adding the launch to our You Tube channel soon so keep an eye on our social media.

Don’t miss out on your chance to own this very special Three Trees Edition. You can also complete your collection with Fizz and Hiss by Johanna Boal and Because of the War by Aziz Dixon – two unique Three Trees Editions.

Throughout November we offered readers the opportunity to purchase a ‘lucky dip’ of five books from our back catalogue. This proved popular and as we’re all about trying to introduce new writers to new readers we thought we’d carry the offer on throughout December – simply order a Maytree Famous Five for only £20.00 (with free p and p) and let us do the rest. Don’t worry if you’ve already purchased books – simply let us know as part of your order and we’ll avoid duplication. You can find the offer here: The Maytree Famous Five | Maytree Press ( Dare we say – stocking filler!

Despite the current difficult conditions, our commitment to publishing the best new poetry remains and we’d like to introduce you to our new authors who will be releasing short collections with Maytree during 2022. We’re also delighted to be welcoming back Maytree favourites, Tim Taylor and Colin Bancroft who will both publish second collections with the press. We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who submitted to the press during our short reading window. We received just short of 150 submissions and eventually shortlisted 25 before deciding on the final six new voices for 22. 

Kathleen Jones – February
Tim Taylor – March
Jane Kite – April
Antony Christie – May
Christopher James – June
Tom Clucas – July
Sarah Hemings/Colin Bancroft – October
Three Trees Portfolio Award – November

And finally for this month, and this year, for the keen eyed observers you will have seen that we already have next year’s Three Trees winner’s party planned for November. The Award will launch on the 22/02/22 and close at the end of March. So if you missed out in our open window or have a short collection nearly ready then put the date in your diary. 

As always, all our books are available online and come specially gift wrapped with lots of love as we really do appreciate every sale. Please order before the 18 December the if you require your books for Christmas.
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A huge thank you to our neighbour, Jon Mitchell for the wonderful picture of the lone snow covered Maytree – we couldn’t resist it for our winter newsletter (and probably many more to come).

Snow Maytree by Jon Mitchell

Thank you all for your support and see you for more Maytree merriness next year.

Best wishes

David and the team.


Queen of Infinite Space – cover reveal

Maytree 32, our final publication of 2021 embarks on the journey of a woman’s life, from childhood, growing up, work, parenthood, the deaths of family members, to growing old.

Queen of Infinite Space by Ruth Aylett chronicles a life filled with promises, passion and love. A collection in which the author takes the reader from the empty carless streets of her childhood, the simple pleasures of family life to the rigours of parenthood and the inevitability of old age. A remarkable honest collection that saviours the past without dipping into the pool of nostalgia and one where the author unflinchingly attacks the present.

The cover features the original painting, Revealed by Yorkshire based artist, Bren Head. The Maytree team have only recently been introduced to Bren’s work which we think is fabulous and couldn’t believe our luck with the perfect fit for Ruth’s work. You can find out more about Bren below.

Queen of Infinite Space will be on general release from the 10 December 2021.


Dodging the cars with my breath
I have skate-boarded motorways
leaping top to bottom down steps
with you in my arms;
pulled you towards the bus
that never stops long enough
to let us on board,
piled possessions
in the vestibule of trains
whose doors close quickly
when I get off, leaving
them and you inside.

Opening my eyes
from these dreams
but still in a dream
you are standing there
wearing a green jumper
doing nothing in particular.
Because you are there
I can close my eyes again;
everything will be all right.
Brakes jam on,
wheels stop turning
the trains and buses
branch, bud; become forest.

About the author

Ruth Aylett teaches and researches computing in Edinburgh. She is widely
published in poetry magazines – for example The North, Butcher’s Dog, Prole,
Agenda, South Bank Review, and in anthologies, most recently Scotia
Extremis (Luath), Umbrellas of Edinburgh, and Mancunian Way (forthcoming).
She won the 2016 Poets meet Politics competition and the 2020 Poetry of
Science Competition.

Her poetry has appeared in the Morning Star and the
Scottish Daily Herald. She was jointly authored a pamphlet Handfast
(Mother’s Milk) and has read at many events, most recently in Berlin at the
Haus für Poesie. For more see

About the artist

Bren Head

After a life spent working in the catering trade and running her own business Bren went ‘from pans to paint’ and in 2003 gained a B.A. Hons degree in Fine Art from the University of Hull.

Although now recognised for her sensitive and haunting portraits her painting is taking a new direction.

Working from a new studio in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire, she is developing a series of abstract mixed media paintings.

Influenced by the Pennine landscape and the textile history of the area she continues to explore materials and their properties adding to the tactile quality of her work.

She will, of course, continue to paint portraits.


I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not
that I have bad dreams. – Hamlet, II