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local universes

We are thrilled to announce that local universes by Nick Allen is now available online and from our store.

In local universes, Nick describes the poems as the things seen or experienced within walking distance of his house. ‘I guess you could say it began with the first lockdown and the recommendation for an hour’s walk each day in your neighbourhood, combined with Blake’s idea of seeing the world in a grain of sand’.

local universes will be available direct from the author during the following events:

Saltaire Arts Trail, 27 and 29 May 2023 – taking place throughout the village of Saltaire. You can find Nick and a selection of all his books at location number 5 on the village map Open Village 2023 – Saltaire Inspired

Headline launch event 31 May 2023 – Rhubarb at The Triangle, 47 Bradford Road

Headline event – The Purple Room, Ben Rhydding, nr Ilkley on Saturday June 17 from 19.30hrs.


in the hoarfrost that knits the trees into a forest

a deer builds itself in my gaze a deer building itself

in light arriving with the drysnap of morning

building the light of itself from the sable undergrowth

the wilderness of the creature builds itself across

the soft morning of my gaze our joined breath

the other river above that which flows itself light

over undergrowth sable and deerform my eyes

blink and in that moments unseeing of myself I am gone


the sun is already down
the sky is not yet dark

when I lob the fallen
branch end over end

cabering into water
the slow river below

a stand of stark trees
and a flicked blanket

of crows lift out of their
almost imperceptible

roosts concentrically
whirling in the gloom

above the pushed air
of the liquid sound

above the slapped
water of the plosion

the grey murder rises
into featureless silence

circling an evening
in search of its echo

Buy local universes now local universes by nick allen – Maytree Press


morphine | bone | dream

Maytree Press is delighted to announce that morphine | bone | dream is now available directly from the author, Nick Allen. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to NHS Charities. Follow this link to buy your copy now.

morphine | bone | dream contains poems and photographs reflecting on Nick’s experience of being hospitalised early in 2021, with the disturbed sleep patterns, drifting in and out of consciousness and the painkillers. The book is a hymn of thanks to everyone who has ever worked in the NHS.

morphine | bone | dream is strictly limited to 100 copies so don’t miss out on your opportunity get your copy now and raise some much needed funds for our wonderful NHS Charities.

morphine | bone | dream – photographs by David Coldwell.


morphine | bone | dream

We are delighted to announce a very special project with our long time collaborator, Nick Allen.

In spring 2021, set against the backdrop of the raging Covid pandemic and a government presiding over 125,000 deaths, Nick became seriously ill, requiring urgent medical attention that would lead to him spending several days in hospital.

morphine | bone | dream is Nick’s story. A story of personal adversity that intertwines with a national crisis. An unflinching account of a life held in balance when nothing could be taken for granted.

Illustrated with photographs by David Coldwell, the book will be available exclusively as a limited edition from the 29 October 2021. All proceeds from sales of the book will go towards NHS charities.


Between Two Rivers

We are thrilled to announce details of a fairly secret project that we’ve had in the pipeline for several months. Between Two Rivers is a unique collaboration between poet, Nick Allen and artist, Myles Linley that will be published as Maytree 006 in September.

The book features fourteen new poems by Nick together with several colour reproductions of Myles’ wonderful paintings of the East Yorkshire landscape.

Look out for more news and a cover reveal very soon.

Talking about the project, Nick said:

‘The project between two rivers grew out of a long standing friendship between Myles and I that has involved a lot of curry and far too many nights standing at Fall gigs wondering which way the evening was going to go. When Myles moved to Beverley we started visiting places around Hull, especially on the waterfronts of the Humber and the Hull. We found we were talking a lot about the strange landscapes of places like Sunk Island, to the east of Hull and the old warehouse, industrial banks of the River Hull passing through the city of Kingston upon Hull. We moved further afield, to places near Goole and Howden and Ferriby not to mention the south coast of the Humber, to Swinefleet and the Isle of Axholme. We had both been fascinated by the Dutch River, constructed in the 17th century, for a few years and then one day I found I was driving along ’the road Between Two Rivers’ and we had a title for the collaborative piece we had been talking about idly for that time.’


Between Two Artists:

nick allen photo

Nick Allen

Last year Nick was twice runner-up in international poetry competitions and was highly commended in the OWF Otley ‘wildlife’ competition. His first pamphlet, the necessary line, was published by Half Moon Books in October 2017. His first collection, the riding, was published in August 2019 also by Half Moon Books. He talks to poets in darkened rooms at the back of pubs and sometimes feels enlightened.

You can find out more about Nick’s work here



Myles Linley

Myles Linley was born in 1967 and grew up in North Yorkshire.

He studied Art in Harrogate and at Bristol Polytechnic in the late 80’s and then returned to Yorkshire. For the last 5 years he has lived in East Yorkshire within easy reach of the Wolds and the Holderness coast.

His paintings are mostly landscapes, seascapes and street scenes. He concentrates on light, shade, movement and stillness to try and create dramatic brooding images.

His website can be found here