Thank you for your interest in Maytree Press.

Submissions are now open for our 2021 list.

If you have a collection of between 20 and 25 poems then we would love to hear from you.

Submissions by email only sent as a single word attachment to Please include a third person biography and brief synopsis if your collection is based on a theme.

Please read the following Q and A carefully before sending us your work.

Maytree Press prides itself on producing beautifully designed, high quality poetry chapbooks, collections, and anthologies. We are, however, completely un-funded, and so that we can stay uniquely independent, we have no ambition of applying for any. By forging ahead this way we can continue to publish ground-breaking poetry collections that may otherwise not find a wider audience. We may be in our infancy as a publisher, but we have big plans and have already produced award winning titles.

***Please note that our submissions window will close at midnight on Sunday 20 September*******

Q: How many poets are you looking to publish in 2021?

A: We are initially looking for six poets whose books will be scheduled for publication throughout 2021.

Q: I have a full collection ready – do you only publish chapbooks?

A: Yes, sorry – we specialise in producing stunning poetry pamphlets.

Q: Do I need to buy a book from your online shop to submit?

A: No but we would love you forever if you did and imagine how you might feel if someone bought your book. Another way of answering this question is that if you’re not familiar  with our work or don’t read much poetry then it’s unlikely that your work will hit the mark – the best way of improving as a poet is to read, read and read to quote the current poet laureate.

Q: I would like my book to be published as a Three Trees Edition – is this available?

A: No, sorry – we have some incredibly special news about our Three Trees Editions which we will be releasing in 2021.

Q: I only have 15 poems ready – can I still submit?

A: The simple answer is yes but if your pamphlet is incomplete then we would expect that you were working on a clear theme and had a good publishing track record.

Q: Do I have to pay for publication?

A: No but we do ask that you purchase a minimum of 100 copies of your book at your special author discount rate of 50%. The only other expense is an additional £25.00 for postage of your books if you are unable to collect from our HQ.

Q: Isn’t this just another way of self-publishing?

A: No. The simple economics of poetry publishing mean that we need a minimum commitment from our authors to survive as a business. We invest heavily in each book with design, editing, layout and advertising.

Q: Will my book be for sale in shops?

A: All our books are made available for purchase both on-line and in physical form. It is, however, unlikely that you will initially start to see copies of your books in Waterstones due to the convoluted nature of the book industry. We encourage all our poets to maximise sales opportunities of their author copies at events and readings.

Q: Will I get paid royalties?

A: If your book is a worldwide hit then yes. We offer all our poets a standard publishing contract but please do not expect too much. As we discussed before, our initial investment is significant, and profit is a rare word within poetry publishing. You do, however, get to keep 100% of your sales from your author copies.

Q: Will you arrange a launch for my book?

A: No sorry. We publish authors from across the UK and further afield and due to economics, we are unable to offer individual launch events. We will, however, happily support our author events with online promotion and assist with introductions between the Maytree family of poets for joint events.

Q: Can I use my own artwork for the cover?

A: We never say never but we do have a strong design principle here at Maytree which has made our books stand out in a difficult, sometimes overcrowded, market. We do work closely with our authors on design aspects but Maytree will contain overall control.

Q: Is it important to have been published previously?

A: It is important that you have a poetry profile – a publication track record in quality magazines and webzines is a great start. Reviewing, blogging, commenting and generally being a decent sort of person also helps. It is important to consider who is going to purchase your author copies. For this reason, it is unlikely that we would offer publication if we haven’t heard of you or can’t find you online. That said, however, if your poetry is amazing, we will always take a chance.

Q: What should I do now?

A: Send in your best poems – we look forward to hearing from you.